Does digital overwhelm you?

If you are a CIO, CTO, CXO, CCO, CDO and you

– need to accelerate your company’s digital transformations
– need a realistic review of current state and estimates for your vision
– need extra skills, knowledges and reliable delivery on time and budget

If you are a Project/Portfolio Manager and you

– need reliable digital contractor to deploy to a project
– need low risk delivery, good track record and high stakeholder satisfaction
– need instant expertise (ready skills, knowledge) and high performing capacity

If you are a Professional Services Manager and you

– need an efficient contractor to supplement temporary capacity or capability shortage
– need an expert hitting the ground running or learning quickly
– need to bring real experience, specific knowledge, skills

You might be under pressure to initiate or run digital projects. If you don’t have the skills or capacity in your current team, you still need to deliver. Even if you want to develop your current team, keeping aggressive deadlines and delivering on high quality without long term headcount commitment is a good option. If you want professionals with targeted skills to generate quick results in an agile fashion, you might need experienced contractors.

"“If content is king, then conversation is queen.” John Munsell

Laszlo Csite is a freelancer consultant and Certified Agile Scrum Master at Smart River Consulting. He helps mid-to-large organizations improving their customer experience, digital transformation and user productivity. He can help you reducing complexity, waste, confusion and frustration, so you can generate great results. Laszlo does these by helping stream-lining information flows, process flows, work flows of solutions, projects and initiatives.

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“Laszlo was willing to step in and help out a project that was in trouble; helping to resolve a problem in 3 hours that had been holding up the project for over 2 months.” Vaughan P., Project Manager

“Laszlo demonstrated an ability to turn strategy into operational capability. He is highly structured in his thinking and his pragmatic approach to getting work done is highly effective.” Gary V. R., Programme Manager

“He is driven to succeed with a pragmatic approach to getting the job done and a pleasure to work with.” Thomas Q., Solution Manager

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Case Studies

Case Study: User Experience (UX) improvement project using Agile Scrum

Quick Facts: Govmt. Agency / 5-10k employees / Auckland, NZ / Transformation Programme / 2015   Pain points, Challenges: Complex stakeholder environment Challenging time lines Mixture of Agile and Waterfall approach   Role Objectives: Collecting requirements and translating business needs to User Stories in Product Backlog Supporting prototyping, focus on functional features, data, usability and […]

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Case Study: Process Improvement, Business Transformation

Quick Facts: Fonterra / Dairy / 10k+ employees / Auckland, NZ / Transformation Programme / 2015   Pain points, Challenges: Undocumented business processes, interactions Knowledge only in the head of the Subject Matter Experts Complex stakeholder environment   Role Objectives: Managed a team of 6 process modellers (in onshore and offshore operation), collaborated on ideas […]

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Case Study: Optimize Teamwork with SharePoint

Quick Facts: Fonterra / Dairy / 10k+ employees / Auckland, NZ / Analytics Programme / 2014   Pain points, Challenges: 100+ people on the programme Need streamlined project processes, tools Short delivery timelines, untrained team   Role Objectives: Setup of programme organisation, teams, tools Implemented KPIs, registers to support delivery Coached teams how to do […]

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Case Study: Implementation and integration to SAP ERP

Quick Facts: Fonterra / Dairy / 10k+ employees / Auckland, NZ / Digital Project / 2012   Pain points, Challenges: Need better field sales management Need to get products, customers from SAP ERP Quick response time needed globally   Role Objectives: Coordinated and enforced architectural and technical design Monitored Implementation, coordinated issue resolution, escalation, status […]

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Case Study: Digital Review and Strategy

Quick Facts: Fonterra / Dairy / 10k+ employees / Auckland, NZ / Strategic Initiative / 2012   Pain points, Challenges: Several overlapping CMS/Portal systems Need for a consolidated internal digital strategy   Role Objectives: Engaged with Enterprise and Solution Architects, major Programs, critical Projects and Support Teams to discover Current State of SAP Portal and […]

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Case Study: Corporate Website Implementation

Quick Facts: KBC Bank Hungary / Finance / 10k+ employees / Hungary / Digital Project / 2006   Pain points, Challenges: Needed to replace old legacy website Complex stakeholder environment Extremely tight timelines   Role Objectives: Collected requirements and translated business requirements Managed system selection, implementation and integration Worked with stakeholders from idea, to cutover […]

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Case Study: Sell online

Quick Facts: Zwack / FMCG / 5k+ employees / Hungary / Digital Project / 2003   Pain points, Challenges: High stakeholder expectations Aggressive implementation deadlines Unclean data from several sources   Role Objectives: Managed pre-sales, sales process and tool/ vendor selection Full responsibility for budget, team, delivery Stakeholder management   Results: Implemented on time and […]

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